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Creating content has never been easier than today, thanks to AI. Many people get it wrong by solely relying on AI for content. Instead, use AI as your partner in creating content, while keeping your voice and personalization. Let's take a look at how you can generate engaging LinkedIn posts with AI.


1. Use AI to Come Up with Ideas


The first step where people struggle is simply coming up with ideas. You can guide AI with input like your profession, your audience, and the type of content you are looking for (e.g., listicles, how-to guides). AI can then generate a bunch of ideas for you. Here's a glimpse of how we use AI at Growfol to help you generate ideas:

Provide a brief description of your industry and audience.

Specify the type of content you want (e.g., tips, industry news).

Let the AI suggest multiple post ideas to choose from.




2. Use AI to Repurpose Existing Content

See an interesting article that your audience might like? Give AI the content of the article and explain the tone in which you would like to represent it for your followers. With Growfol, you can convert articles, YouTube videos, etc., into engaging posts:

  • Paste the content or link of the original article.
  • Describe the desired tone and key points you want to highlight.
  • Use AI to rephrase and format the content for LinkedIn.



3. Use AI for LinkedIn Headlines

You need a perfect LinkedIn headline hook to catch the attention of your audience. You can use AI to generate several hooks for you and choose the one that works best:

  • Enter the main topic of your post.
  • Ask the AI to generate multiple headline variations.
  • Select the most compelling and attention-grabbing headline.



4. Use AI to Generate Call to Actions (CTAs)


Get your audience to engage with your content by using AI to generate CTAs that would increase engagement with your post and expand your reach:

  • Define the action you want your audience to take (e.g., comment, share, visit a link).
  • Let the AI suggest various CTA phrases.
  • Choose the CTAs that align with your post's goal and tone.



5. Create Visual Content with AI


Visuals significantly enhance post engagement. Tools like Canva and Crello, powered by AI, suggest design elements, templates, and layouts that best suit your content. Lumen5 can convert your blog posts into engaging video content, making your posts more dynamic and eye-catching:

  • Use Canva or Crello to create custom images or infographics.
  • Input your blog post into Lumen5 to generate a video summary.
  • Integrate these visuals into your LinkedIn posts to boost engagement.



6. Keep Your Voice and Personalization


While AI is a powerful tool, it's essential to maintain your unique voice and personalization in your posts. AI should complement your style, not replace it. Here’s how:

  • Review and edit AI-generated content to ensure it reflects your tone and perspective.
  • Add personal anecdotes, insights, and experiences to make your posts more relatable and authentic.
  • Ensure consistency in your voice across all posts to build a recognizable personal brand.


By following these tips and leveraging AI tools effectively, you can create LinkedIn posts that not only capture attention but also foster engagement. Remember to keep your voice and personalization intact, and let AI be your creative partner in the process.


Happy posting!

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