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What is Cashify ?

Cashify is an online marketplace where you can resell your secondhand electronics.

More about Cashify

Cashify is a platform that enables users to sell their used smartphones, laptops, and other electronic devices in a quick and hassle-free manner. Through their website and app, users can get an instant quote for their device, schedule a pickup, and receive cash or digital payment upon successful inspection. Cashify ensures a transparent and fair evaluation process, offering competitive prices based on the device's condition and market value. They also provide data erasure services to protect user privacy. By facilitating the resale and recycling of electronic devices, Cashify promotes sustainability and reduces electronic waste, while allowing users to unlock the value of their unused gadgets.

Started In: 2015
City: Gurgaon
Employees: 501-1000
Funding : $28,000,000

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