Blog #22 Finding the perfect SaaS co-founder in 2023 (Data backed)

→ By Devansh Bhushan, July 15, 2024.

A founder's journey from an innovative idea to a market-leading business is rarely walked alone. The choice of a co-founder is a decision that can make or break the future of a startup. In 2023, with the startup ecosystem more competitive and volatile than ever, selecting the right co-founder demands a blend of strategy, intuition, and due diligence.


When considering who to bring on as your business partner, research underlines several crucial factors to bear in mind. According to a study from Harvard Business School, the most successful startups are those in which co-founders have a balanced mix of skills and are able to manage business operations effectively together. Here's how you can go about selecting the perfect co-founder for your SaaS enterprise:


Complementary Skill Sets

The technology industry thrives on innovation and rapid development. For SaaS startups, this means having a team that can swiftly adapt and respond to changing market demands. Identify your strengths and weaknesses and look for a co-founder who can complement your skillset. For instance, if you're a techie, pairing up with someone who excels in business development could be invaluable.

A study by the Founder Institute found that balanced teams have a 163% better chance of success.


Aligned Vision and Values

It's imperative that co-founders are aligned not just on their business idea, but also on fundamental values, vision, and long-term objectives. A survey by showed that 23% of failed startups could attribute their downfall to not having the right team, with a lack of alignment playing a key role. Sharing a common goal and having mutual respect can pave the way for building a resilient and stimulating work environment.


Financial Savviness

The significance of financial management in startups cannot be overstated. Statistically, cash flow problems account for 82% of business failures, as per a study by U.S. Bank. A co-founder who understands the financial aspects of running a SaaS business - from fundraising to burn rate management, can assure better control and planning. When evaluating potential co-founders, consider their experience with budget management and securing investments.

Image source: Buffer NZ

Industry Knowledge and Network

Bringing on a co-founder with a formidable network within the SaaS industry can propel your business forward. They can open doors to potential clients, partners, and investors. Data from LinkedIn reveals that startups with co-founders having strong industry networks see a 19% increase in the likelihood of survival over a five-year period. Check their track record in the industry and leverage their connections meaningfully.


Entrepreneurial Spirit and Resilience

Startups inherently come with their fair share of uncertainties and crises. A co-founder should be more than just a workmate; they should be a battle companion ready to tackle the challenges head-on. The entrepreneurial journey is a marathon, not a sprint. According to a report from Failory, resilience in co-founders has a positive correlation with startup survival rates.


Trustworthiness and Communication

Trust is the cornerstone of any successful partnership. In fact, a survey by Gusto found that 25% of startup partnerships fail due to trust issues. It's also vital that communication between you two is transparent and regular. Take your time to build a relationship with potential co-founders and ensure there's a foundation of trust and a culture of open, honest conversation.


Commitment and Work Ethic

The level of commitment and work ethic can't be overlooked. A study from the National Bureau of Economic Research indicates that startups demanding higher effort from employees are 22% more likely to succeed. Both co-founders should be willing to put in the long hours and effort to steer the company toward success.


In the digital age, networking platforms like LinkedIn, Angel List, and co-founder matchmaking services can be utilized effectively to find potential co-founders who fit these criteria. Also, attending meetups, webinars, and industry conferences can provide opportunities to connect with like-minded entrepreneurs.


Taking a data-driven and introspective approach to choosing a co-founder will go a long way in ensuring the resilience and prosperity of your SaaS company. This choice is more than just a business decision—it's about finding an ally who shares your dreams and is ready to face the startup world shoulder to shoulder with you.


The right co-founder can be the difference between a startup that scales new heights and one that never takes off the ground. So choose strategically, and prepare well for the thrilling SaaS journey in the digital world of 2023.

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